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Friday, April 15, 2011

I still love you Amar : )

Dah seminggu tidur tanpa dia. Dah seminggu makan tanpa dia. Dah seminggu tolong mama masak tanpa dia. Dah seminggu sekolah tanpa dia. Dah seminggu keluar tanpa dia. Dah seminggu ada masalah tanpa dia. Im jerk :(

Isnin malam lepaskan dia. Selasa tak datang sch because still sedih. Hmm Apa nak buat. For awhile terpaksa berdengkur tanpa dia <3 Nahhh I miss him so much

Hmm my husbie I love you okey. Even though we are far apart but you still in my heart, You can make my world shining like a star. Hmm nahhhh Im still waiting for your love. I'll never let you go.

I 'll never find the other guy because only you that I love. Hmm sayang! I want you back. I want your love back. I cant live without you.

We are in a relationship for a year three months two weeks two days and now I still care about you Baby Boo <3 Hmm aku tak tahu nak mengarut apa because aku punya otak BLANK je haha :D 


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