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Friday, April 15, 2011


Hmm dah lama aku tak sentuh notebook aku ni. Hmm bulan APRIL? This is my JERK MONTH . Yeah babe! I've got many problem in this month. OHYOURSHIT!

Hmm. Do you feel what I feel, girl? You already be my sister. We are like a sibling. I know Im an ordinary girl. But it doesn't mean, you can hurt me. I can hurt you back but It just waste my time. You know what. I thought you are such a good friend that ALLAH gave to me but what you give to me? YOU THROW ME AWAY.

But After you leave me until I get lonely, ALLAH gave me more friend. Even though they are not so close with me as much as you close with me. But Im happy. 

Hmm I always pray for your happiness even my heart hurt :') Its okay. I'll let you go because you dont need me anymore and now you are leaving my life. Hmmm I need to forget you because Im not an important person in your life anymore. 

Hmm girl, thanks for your kindness when we are together : ) 

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